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Masterclass painting week in south Africa with wildlife artist Renso Tamse. Date: 8-19 november 2018. ... more
2018-11-08 - 2018-11-19
Seven of my latest works will be available from the 13th of august through Trailside Galleries https ... more
2018-08-13 - 2018-08-26

'Wild of Europe'
The title say's it all. Renso likes to be inspired by the wildlife in Europe. This is the first of a serie books by Renso Tamse. Read more...

Price: € 29,95, order online
8-19 November 2018 roundtrip in the North East of South Africa, to get inspired and draw and paint from the life, in the wild.
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read more |  08 September 2018
A short biography of the wildlife artist Renso Tamse
Renso considers it a challenge ''to make something captiving out of what appears uninteresting at first sight". This "wildlife artist" pays a lot of attention to accurate draughtmanship in the representation of animals. "The anatomy just has to be right. Then I think it's at least just as important that the painting has life. I try to inject soul into my work.'' That's way, after making a sketch, Renso starts with the head of an animal.

read more |  05 January 2011  | updated on 08 August 2018


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